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Take Action

Knowing that a percentage of your purchase will help bring a voice to kids affected by bullying. 

TAAG-The Result of a boy's desire to help the world!

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Take Action Apparel & Gear

Our story through video!


All items were as ordered. The items seem very affordable.

Charlotte H.

Wonderful product, amazing mission!! Will be shopping again. 

Christi C.

Very satisfied with my purchase. Will be shopping again soon.

Alene R.

Love the new design! Very nice.

Jose S.

I would have to say my favorite item is the Graffiti dog tag necklace! Stylish and fun--goes with almost everything!

Marie H.

Great experience. Will shop again. Love the cause. Take Action Apparel and Gear should be presented in every school in the US.

Rene K.

I got my Take Action Apparel & Gear logo baseball cap as a gift. I like the hat and the mission of the line. 

Paul D.

Fashion Show Fun

Check out Take Action Apparel & Gear's first live fashion show on Great Day Houston featuring TAAG Brand Reps, Designer Brooklyn Oakes, and Founder Gabriel L. Silva 

Future #younghollywood Wears TAAG Merchandise too!


Reece Cody-Actor/Model

Actor/Model Reece Cody wearing his Take Action Apparel & Gear "King" Dog Tag. 

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Dale Cordice, Jr.-Actor/Model

Actor/Model Dale Cordice, Jr. wearing his Take Action Apparel & Gear "#coolkid" shirt.

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Brooklyn Oakes-Actress/Model

Actress/Model Brooklyn Oakes with her Take Action Apparel & Gear "Space" Tumbler.

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Gabriel Silva-Actor/Model

Actor/Model Gabriel Silva in his Take Action Apparel & Gear "Boston" Baseball Cap. 

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Aiden Riley-Actor/Model

Actor/Model Aiden Riley in his Take Action Apparel & Gear Logo Baseball Cap.

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